Delock offers species diversity in installation frames
With installation frames it is able to integrate HDDs / SDDs and devices like e.g. optical drives, card reader and hubs, which cannot be installed into existing bays, into the system.

A simple example is the new 2.5" SSD for which only a 3.5" slot is available: here an installation frame is needed. Or if a 2.5" HDD / SSD or an M.2 or mSATA memory is being installed into a 5.25" slim bay of a laptop, for example.
Delock offers a wide selection of installation frames. The product range is not only orientated towards often requested and day-to-day needs, but also towards more specialised requirements.

Worth to be mentioned is for example the multi-functional installation frame (item 1800) that offers different options for installation and a flexible use of various HDDs

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Examples of species diversity in the area of installation frames

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