Species diversity of products for security & protection

Innovative products for security & protection

Delock offers a small but fine choice of specialised products providing protection: For example against the unwarranted access to a PC or drive, against the unauthorized use of ports, or plugging respectively unplugging cables. In many cases it makes sense to protect different kinds of female connectors against dust, dirtying or moisture.
Beside the examples above, here are some more: The USB Type-C™ jack can be protected against dust by item 64014 or the BNC jack by item 64022. The cable RJ45 Secure Cat.6A allows control of access to network ports in public places or data centers. It is available in different lenghts, see e. g. item 85330.

Look at the boxes above and also:

Item 64014 Dust Cover for USB Type-C™ female without grip 10 pieces
Item 64013 Dust Cover for USB Type-C™ female with grip 10 pieces
Item 64015 Dust Cover for USB Type-C™ female with big grip 10 pieces
Item 64022 Dust Cover for BNC female 10 pieces
Item 64021 Dust Cover for SFP slot with grip 10 pieces
Item 20648 USB Port Blocker for USB-A female
Item 85334 RJ45 Port Blocker 5 pieces set
Item 85330 Cable RJ45 Secure Cat.6A 0.5 m + other lengths
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